Why is RogersAI-3D better than 2D ?
Pose Invariant
Easily deceived by fakes, such as artificial heads, videos, masks.
2D face recognition system is hard to distinguish the people with makeup or accessories.
Systems only recognize people successfully in certain pose, such as frontal face.
Hard to recognize people with occlusion.
Registered with 3D Face Model with geometrical info, so the liveness detection is better than system in 2D.
Successfully identify people wearing glasses, changing hair style, with beards and makeup.
Recognized successfully in different poses, even the angle of the face to our camera is large.
Even face is partially occluded, our system still has high ability in recognition.
3D Sensing Module Developed by RogersAI

Cutting Edge Technology as iPhone

Live detection:
Protect the attacks from masquerade, such as masks, images, videos.
Environmental adaptability:
Unaffected by light and texture, recognize different poses and makeup successfully.
Epidemic Prevention:
Non-contact unlocking system, to prevent the spread of virus.
Government - Level Security
Express Clearance
Recognition in 0.5 second
Top Accuracy
AI models for different scenarios
Anti-light Interference
High recognition performance in both outdoor and indoor.
Enterprise-Level Huge storage
Support 20,000 face database +100,000 recognition records
High-performance Recognition
Support Cross-Comparison of Face Databases between Multiple Devices
Multiple modes of authentication
Biometric Recognition, including 3D Facial Characteristics and Liveness